The Memory of Water

“The Memory of Water” is a collaborative project between bodypainter Vilija Vitkute and choreographer Malgorzata Sus. It brings together different art disciplines, such as bodypainting, dance, sound composition, film, photography, visual effects and scenography, and connects them with environmental research on water and education about climate change.

There are over 30 international artists involved in the project and it is being created in the Nordic region to later tour and reach audiences around the world.

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“Sea Turtle” (body painting illusion by Johannes Stoetter) was created in Lofoten Norway in October 2020 during the art residence for The Memory of Water project. The artists group: bodypainter Johannes Stoetter, choreographer/dancer Małgorzata Suś, film director/visual artist Vilija Vitkute, documentary filmmaker – Linnea Grimstedt and accompanying them Norwegian composer Tine Surel Lange, created an illusionary performance on the Utakleiv beach – a sea turtle became alive in a human form. The project speaks about the connection between human and sea animals, and brings attention towards the sea life crisis. See more:

“Reflection” is a first video released from “The Memory of Water” residence in Lofoten, Norway. Calm and still beginning that allows to see clearly our mission and motivation to continue the creative journey of the project. In the times of chaos, observing Nature and learning from it keeps our passion growing and teaches how to work patiently to bring “The Memory of Water” to the worldwide audience.

Film, editing and bodypainting created by Vilija Vitkutė; Dancer, model – Malgorzata Sus; Drone, documentary filmmaker – Linnéa Grimstedt; Assistant – Johannes Stoetter. Big thanks to our funders Nordic Culture Fund OPSTART Norwegian project coordinator Elisabeth F Lund Technical suppliers – Film Gotland and great host Nord Norsk Klatreskole.

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Vilija Vitkute: (@vilija_art)

Małgorzata Suś: (@movementimage)

Photo and bodypainting by Vilija Vitkute, THE MEMORY OF WATER, Lofoten, Norway

Art Film creation / Iceland

From 5th to 29th September we have travelled through Iceland with an international team of artists, filming for a new The Memory of Water production. Speaking through the language of different elements of nature and the beauty of breathtaking Icelandic landscapes, we aim to call for the re-connection of a human with nature.

The film premiere is planned in 2022.

TEAM: Director, body painter – Vilija Vitkute; Choreographer, dancer – Malgorzata Sus; Cinematographer – Olle Lundin; Documentary filmmaker, assistant – Pablo Koury; Dancers – Linnea Sundling, Erik Wilken; Assistants – Nils Arneberg, Isabella Haller; Bodypainting assistant – Johannes Stoetter

Photo by Vilija Vitkute
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