Through meetings, sharing ideas and creative processes with other artists I develop and grow as a creator and a human being.

In last couple of years I had a great pleasure to creatively work with:

Paulina Almeida

Works with social sculpture, dance, music, performance, circus, writing and installation. Focuses on cultural-social-political site-specific contents and concepts as “useful” and participatory art.

Studied at Soares dos Reis Artistic School, ESMAE, Superior School for Music and Performance Arts, Porto, ACE Academy for Contemporary Performance specialization in public art, on the frame of the Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture.

Has an MA in Educational Sciences, by the Faculty of Psychology And Educational Sciences of the University of Porto.

Currently works as curator and consultant for the municipalities of Águeda and Aveiro, in Portugal.

Creates site-specific pieces internationally.

Vilija Vitkute

– photographer, bodypainter, film director, visual artist, born in Lithuania and based in Sweden/Italy. World Champion in body painting – Vilija won 1st prize in the category Special Effects in World Bodypainting Festival 2019 in Klagenfurt, Austria. Vilija’s art speaks about the human and nature relationship. She is well-known for her landscape camouflages and projects concerning the environment. Vilija spent a few years painting in the Arctic, she travelled to create in Iceland, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, California, and others. Vilija won art prizes in Sweden and worldwide. She was performing and exhibiting in Venice Biennale 2015, Avesta Art, BOOM Festival, Amsterdam International Art Fair, Falun Magazinet, Peace & Love Festival, AgitAgueda 2017 & 2018, Menuo Juodaragis in Lithuania. See more:

Vanessa Fernandes

Filmmaker based in Porto since 1998, born in Guiné-Bissau, Lived in France, Macau, Germany and has bin traveling, researching and filming in west Africa for some years. Love to work with other artists and as a dance performer the interaction between dance and film is a mane option. Also focused with activists subjects, image poetry and experimental cinema.

Pedro Pestana

Pedro Pestana (Funchal, Portugal, 1982) is a musician and sound designer based in Porto. Has a degree in Sound And Image (2006) and a masters in Sound Design (2010) by Escola das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa. As a musician, performs regularly in Europe with 10 000 Russos (since 2012), Tren Go! Sound System (since 2006), Talea Jacta (since 2016) and Dreamweapon (2014) and often produces many of these bands’ releases. Has also made music for performances, working mostly with Malgorzata Sus (Fluid Acts, MadPools and Conserva in 2018), António Júlio (Frame#Me, 2012, and Fome Longe, 2013) and Paulina Almeida in several productions and festivals since 2009.

Co-creator of Um Ao Molhe – Travelling One-Man-Band Festival (2015-2017). He was an assistant teacher at Universidade da Madeira (2015).

Did sound recording and sound design in award winning films Thebes (2008), Flow (2008) and Hay Road (2011) by Rodrigo Areias, Carrotrope by Paulo D’Alva (2013), Canned Dreams by Katja Gauriloff (2011), Mazagan – Water That Returns by Ricardo Leite (2011) and Pronto, Era Assim (2016) by Patrícia Rodrigues and Joana Nogueira.

Pablo Koury

Pablo Koury is a photographer, videographer and art director specialized in fashion content creation, since 2019 working in the performative arts field. 

He has worked in multiple cities around the world, from New York, to Honolulu, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, For the likes of NBC News and Vice Media Brazil.

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Koumaria Residency/ Medea Electronique

Collaboration with Medea Electronique and invited artists: Dasha Ilina, Nour Sokhon, Marili Pizarro, Joshua Legallienne, Jordan Edge, Tunni Kraus, Robert Jędrzejewski, Kurtis Lesick, Georges Salameh in the frame of 10th Koumaria Residency in Sellasia, Greece.

The 2018 Koumaria residency is organised in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens (OCC) in the framework of the INTERFACES project, an international, interdisciplinary project focusing on bringing new music to an extensive range of new audiences. With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Interfaces unites nine diverse partners from the UK, Germany, France, Cyprus, Belgium, Romania, Austria and Greece with main objective to explore innovative ways of introducing audiences to the work of cutting-edge musicians and sound artists and engage new audiences of all ages to the music of our time.

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro is a Portuguese contemporary dance company, with its own repertoire, mostly signed by choreographer Paulo Ribeiro, but also by other invited creators.
It is based at Teatro Viriato in Viseu, where the research, creations, productions are developed before circulating in the country and abroad. The company provides also training in the area of ​​dance.

Johannes Stoetter

The Master of

Professional artist Johannes Stötter is known for his groundbreaking work in the realm of body painting and body art. His 2013 creation of a tropical frog using 5 models went viral, propelling his career into another stratosphere. As a world renowned phenomenon, Johannes has won numerous awards, reached various milestones and received several accolades from notable press. Based in northern Italy, he resides in a small town in the Alps; holding a deep connection with nature, he gains much of his inspiration. Guided by his life’s philosophy, and motivated by everyday life, his fascination with people of various cultures allows his ingenuity to flourish.

Rather than a static canvas, Johannes transfers his art onto live models, which enhances the connectivity between the artist, person and art-form. Bringing his artwork to life with each brush stroke, and creating detailed effects with his hands, he fuses the seen and unseen into one. Often blending his art into the backdrop of natural landscapes or indoor décor, he creates illusionary masterpieces, portraying the beauty of life forms within its very existence and vulnerability.

Mind-blowing, astounding, and inspirational, his ability to select the perfect shades of colour is as accurate as an “eyedropper tool”. Making it seem effortless, his distinctive technique compliments his peculiar, yet driven and passionate persona; as he brilliantly paints his vision, transforming each model piece by piece. Born into a lifestyle that revolves around intertwining elements of creativity, spirituality and alternative living, music is also an integral part of his artistic expression.

With a high spirit and powerful creative sense, he teaches at bodypainting workshops, and exhibits his work all around the globe. His ability to touch the hearts of others and spark positivity through his art is by far one of Johannes’s utmost successes.

Kristina Feldhammer

Forceful Dandelion – Kristina Feldhammer & Malgorzata Sus, Vienna 2020

Photographer and performer based in Vienna. Specialized in darkroom printing & bodyworks.

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