Every workshop I give I see as a journey that the participants are invited to join. Usually during the process they discover a lot of new possibilities of body and movement, new fascinations, they become eager to understand how the mechanics of the body and imagination works. I want to share with people the joy of moving and the awareness of body and space. The starting point is to create the physical energy that can take us into the world of imagination and states of emotions. Through partnering exercises and group work we develop the listening and communication skills, through improvisation tasks we give space to creativity and through composition tools we approach building the movement structures. The previous experience in dance is not necessary, the process starts from the basic movement patterns and everybody is welcome to join the trip.

Photo by Johannes Stoetter
  • online classes Movement-Image on Facebook page
  • private classes (online and in person), worldwide, contact through
  • regular classes in Agit Lab, 2018-2019, Agueda, Portugal
  • collaboration with MOVE INTENSIVE:, August 2019
  • teaching in festivals, masterclasses: Vides Deja, Latvia; Centro Cultural, Manaus, Brazil; 3rd Street Festival of Laayoune, Sahara, Morocco; Teatr Ochoty, Warsaw, Poland; Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Katowice, Poland; Scena Supernova, Kraków, Poland; Cargotopia, Jenin, Palestine
Photo by Ana Rita Ervilha, Move Intensive, August 2019
Photo by Ana Rita Ervilha, Move Intensive, August 2019
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