Poems written by Małgorzata Suś

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I started writing poetry in early childhood. I wrote my first poem when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old and since then I have never stopped writing. In the age of 13 I have already published some of my poems in the local poetry journals and in a book of a national poetry competition for youngsters. As a teenager, I was inspired by a Polish poet Halina Poświatowska and I can see a strong influence of her style on my poetry from this time. Later on I haven’t written so many poems, my focus shifted to diary writing that I do continually until today. Lately I decided to come back to poetry writing and also collect my poems from last 17 years. Below you can find some of the newest works that haven’t been published yet.

Swollow me, waves
Until my blood becomes salty
Under water I won't be crying
My anger will burst into foam
My sadness will fade away into depths

Swollow me, waves
Until my body transforms into water
Save me please from flickering plastic stars
In the emptiness of my stomach
Save me from gallows made of fishing nets

Swollow me, waves
Give me a shelter from the fire devouring this world
Wash off the shame of being called human
Break the crumbling rocks of my illusions
I don't ask for redemption, salvation and mercy
Swallow me, waves
Do not part, water.

Margoria, July 2020

Przestrzeń szersza od kontynentu
Pasma górskie i pustynie
oddzielają od siebie jego brzegi.
Dowodem prawdziwej bliskości
jest umiejętność spania obok siebie.

Wykształcona w miłości
na czytaniu Kundery
nieznośnie lekko stąpam
po niezbadanych zawiłych ścieżkach
z bagażem coraz cięższym
kotwiczącym mnie w miejscu.

Czy gdy odrzucę walizkę
krańce się przybliżą
Czy raczej poniesie mnie wiatr
nad wodami oceanu
na nowe nieznane lądy

Leżę na skraju łóżka
o które rozbijają się fale
słone krople wpadają w błękitną otchłań
Nawet nie próbuję wołać
Mój głos jest słaby
Ramię nie dosięga twojej twarzy

Zagubiona w wielkiej pustce
Przestałam już szukać drogi

Może kiedyś
Dwaj samotni wędrowcy
wpadniemy na siebie znowu
na dzikich rubieżach
usłanego poduszkami kontynentu.

Łóżko, sierpień 2020

From the performance A Sea Close By, written in March 2016

Today there were supposed to be 30-metres waves. I am waiting for them sitting on the top of the rocks. Breathing, safe. The ocean is flat. Breathing, opening its lungs. Waiting for the big wave. Maybe it will never come. The power is there. I don’t see the big wave but I feel the power of the ocean. Why do we wait for the big wave in life? Not seeing the flat, spread energy in front of us. Thousands of the small waves can be stronger than the one we are waiting for. To reach the change, the success, the great love ‒ we do not have to wait. We just need to see clearer. No spectacular event. Just notice the little changes, appreciate. Small waves can bring you further than the big one.

My body is on a flat wave. Moving slowly, continuously. The point which I am going to reach is far away. It will take a long time. Need to be patient, need to be calm, need to breathe. How to stay on the wave, how to not drown? I can only listen to the rhythm. Don’t drop my own one on it, don’t drop on it the artificial tact. Listen to the rhythm the ocean gives you. Listen to the rhythm of the body. Follow it, float, stay on the wave. It will bring you to the point. Not a stable point. When you arrive there, it will disappear. Don’t be scared, continue listening. It will bring you to the next one. Trust the ocean.

The sound of solitude is the sound of the sea. The ocean is talking all the time. You are never alone when there is a sea close by. There is no end, the ocean has no end. There can be only a new beginning. The other world on the other side. Is there death or a new life? The ocean is dangerous, because it belongs to nobody. We need more oceans instead of stable lands. We need more movement. Moving is a way to freedom. When we speak about revolution, we speak about the movement. Let’s move, let’s revolt. Become the sea.

Space has no ending. I am sitting on the rocks and looking at the horizon. The ocean is coming. It never stops, still flowing. Waves are coming to the shore, becoming bigger and bigger before they disappear. I am talking with you in my head. You are smiling, and laughing, when I say that I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you. No, the seagulls are laughing, it’s not you. The ocean is blue. It’s kind of grayish blue. I could stay on these rocks, I feel like I’m a part of the Nature. It seems that they are stable, but they are not. Even the rock is moving. You cannot notice that, because your perception is not so perfect. In the neighborhood of the sea, rocks begin to talk to the sea. There is a conversation between them. And when you see the waves splashing on the rock, they are not arguing, there is love. War is a human idea.

The waves are furious today. I was standing on the rock and I felt hypnotized by the sea. It was so powerful. Facing the wave, you have no chance to resist. You can just jump into, or ‒ die. This is a challenge with no way back. It’s not a weeping song, it’s a song of power. The ocean is alive, it’s a beast. It breathes, it moves, it talks to you. Dangerous beast, the element. It never stops moving. Life is always in movement. To create life, there is one need ‒ movement. To create art ‒ the same. The movement is always dance. If there is a point in the space, it’s a part of movement. It starts there and it ends there. This is an unending flow. Let’s find the movement in the most stable element in your life. Open the wave there. It grows, crashes and it disappears for a moment. But it always remains. Never ending story.

With closed eyes, just hearing the sea. It is so close. The sound is recognizable. There is no mistake. Sea is always speaking to me. Even when there is a silence, it is full of emotions, it whispers to me patiently. I found the sea inside me. When you discover it, you realize that there are no borders. Everything is in movement, able to go in every direction. The wave has a rhythm, but the rhythm is never the same. Dance is not about keeping the same rhythm all the time. It’s not about counting. It’s all about the flow, and flow is still changing. Movement is always a change.

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