Watering Words

An exchange platform
initiated by Joanna Gruntkowska and Malgorzata Sus

Our History

We have started exchanging poems written in relation to different water bodies nearly a year ago, in February 2021. The formula was simple: each of us danced by a chosen water source – from the ocean to the glass filled with water – and wrote poetry immediately after, without rational thinking, letting the natural stream of consciousness bring to the surface the impressions of the moving body. Afterwards we exchanged the poems, and each of us drew or painted something in response to the partner’s words. Every cycle we finished with a sentence relating to the drawing/painting, and then started a new weekly process with new dance inspired by the presence of water.

Lately we have decided to invite more female artists to join our exchange process, and therefore broaden the variety of art fields represented in the project. We would love to work with all kind of artists, as well as philosophers and researchers, whose practice circulates around the idea of hydro-feminism. The term, proposed by Astrida Neimanis, describes the way of perceiving the world in which everything has originated from the ocean, and we are all interconnected bodies-of-water.

The space between our selves and our others is at once as distant as the primeval sea, yet also closer than our own skin—the traces of those same oceanic beginnings still cycling through us, pausing as this bodily thing we call “mine.”

Astrida Neimanis

If you are interested in joining the platform, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will introduce you to the process and welcome in the hydro-logical cycle (wateringwords@gmail.com).

Watering Words Official Site

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