Artistic work

  • Plants Dictionary ( – a dance and photo-video project in which the artist is planting and creating movement sequences inspired by plants. The process is documented by a photographer Pablo Koury to create a visual dictionary of plants. First residence for the project happened in March 2021 in Quinta Ecosophia in Portugal. Project supported by Artists in Nature International Network ( and The Adam Mickiewicz Insitute.
Photo by Pablo Koury
  • The Radicality of Love – a new dance & film project in the process of creation – in collaboration with filmmaker Pablo Koury and dancers Natalia Lis and Sara Vujadinovic; 1st creative residence in January 2021 in Estoril, Portugal – more coming soon
Photo by Stan Vandendriessche
  • residence for The Memory of Water in Lofoten, Norway; new bodypainting creations, reserch on water and the environment, meetings with project partners; with Vilija Vitkute, Linnea Grimstedt and Johannes Stoetter and Norwegian collaborators Elisabeth F Lund and Tine Surel Lange; 21st September – 8th October 2020, Lofoten, Norway and Abisko, Sweden
  • collaboration with composer Tine Surel Lange and bodypainter Vilija Vitkute – project BERKANA, performer in the video for the chapter Living Landscape, Tine’s newest work for BIT20 Ensemble, Lofoten, Norway, 1st October 2020
Bodypainting by Vilija Vitkute, performers: Linnea Grimstedt and Malgorzata Sus
  • participation in the TV show La France a un incroyable talent – model for a turtle illusion created by the artist Johannes Stoetter, 15th September 2020, and for a monkey and tiger illusions, 24th October 2020, Paris, France
  • direction and choreography of 2069, Earth, Festival Vides Deja, 2nd-9th August 2020, Ligatne, Latvia
  • workshop-audition and creation with Elio Gervasi, 15th-25th July 2020, Barbarano Romano, Italy
  • video dance project Silence of the Deers, May 2020, Upper Austria; see the video here.
  • dancer in the project 30×30, collaboration with a drummer Bernhard Fasching, March-April 2020, Austria
  • workshop with Rosangela Silvestre, Silvestre Technique, 17-21 February 2020, Morro do Sao Paulo, Bahia, Brazil
  • dancer in Fortitude by Conceição Nunes, Teatro Amazonas, 8th & 9th February 2020, Manaus, Brazil
  • dancer in Fortitude by Conceição Nunes, Teatro da Luz, 31st January 2020, Lisbon, Portugal
  • curation of a dance residence program in RA100 Arroios Gallery, January 2020, Lisbon, Portugal
  • participation in the workshop Sasha Waltz POR Claudia de Serpa Soares, 16-20 December 2019, Estudios Vitor Cordon, Lisbon, Portugal
  • dancer in Fortitude by Conceição Nunes, premiere on 12th December 2019, Livraria Ler Devagar, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
  • body painting performance BE WATER: On the Peak of the Iceberg in a frame of Alchemical-Physical Theatre Festival in Chaosmos_/ 79au, Athens, Greece (with Vilija Vitkute), 1st December 2019
  • participation in the improvisation workshop with Horacio Macuacua, 28th October – 1st November 2019, Contemporary Dance Intensive, Paredes, Portugal
  • Memorias de Pedra by Paulo Ribeiro, 26th October 2019, Forum Municipal Romeu Correia, Almada, Portugal
  • Dolasilla – body painting camouflage by Vilija Vitkute, created in the Fanes Gruensee (Dolomites), 22nd October 2019. The documentary film of the making of “Dolasilla” realesed on November 12th on Kabel eins/Report 3 / between 16.55 – 17.20
By Vilija Vitkute
  • solo performance CLAW in RA100 Arroios, 21st September & 12th October 2019 , Lisbon, Portugal
  • participation in the workshop Puzzle Work with Anton Lachky, 9-13 September 2019, Porto, Portugal
  • residence in Nida Art Colony with Vilija Vitkute and Andrius Mamontovas – preparation of the project Be Water, 2nd – 6th September 2019, Nida, Lithuania
Photo by Andrius Mamontovas
  • teaching Contemporary Dance – Expressive Body in Space, during MOVE Intensive, 19th-24th August 2019, Agueda, Portugal
  • Guardians of the Lake, site specific performance in the frame of Waking Life Festival, 17th August 2019, Crato, Portugal
  • body painting performance for AgitAgueda Festival, 27th & 28th July 2019, Agueda, Portugal
  • performances Confronting the Sites with Oirana Moraes and Nils Meisel, and Million Dollar Baby with Nils Meisel, 17th – 21st July 2019, Festival Dos Canais, Aveiro, Portugal
  • model for Vilija Vitkute in World Bodypainting Festival, 1st Prize in a category Special Effects, theme Clear Mind – Clean Planet, 13th July 2019, Klagenfurt, Austria
  • creation of the performance Oniriabilia, in the frame of Residencias no Palacio, 1st – 7th July 2019, Sobralinho, Portugal
  • JAB Biennale, performance Swamps, 14th June 2019, Hvar, Croatia
Photo by Michael Higgins
  • solo Claw, 28th May 2019, Chaosmos, Athens, Greece
  • site specific performance Changes, 18th May 2019, Mathosinhos, Portugal
  • choreography for the fashion show A Moda Os Livros, 13th April 2019, Biblioteca Municipal de Aveiro, Improvise & Organize
  • dancer in Memorias de Pedra, choreography: Paulo Ribeiro, 5th&6th April 2019, Viseu, Portugal
Photo by Sofia Pereira
  • solo Claw, 9th February 2019, El Kole, Barcelona
  • video dance Claw, idea & choreography, February 2019, Agit Lab, Agueda, Portugal
  • dancer in Todos, Alguém, Qualquer Um, Ninguém, directed by Luiz Antunes, with choreographic assistance of São Castro and António Cabrita, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, 25th January 2019, Teatro Viriato, Viseu, Portugal
  • artistic direction and choreography for Espuma Dos Dias, performed by Anniina Tammi, Malgosia Sus, Elson Buta, Miguel Bouça, Agit Lab, 15th December 2018, Agueda, Portugal
Photo by Marilyn Marques
  • teaching and performing during Yalla Yalla Tour, artistic residence in Laayoune, Sahara: with Paulina Almeida, Vanessa Fernandes, Ivo Reis, Ron van Roosmalen, Hugo Branco, 3rd Street Festival in Laayoune
  • choreography for Be Water, body painting and video dance project with body painter Vilija Vitkute, a filmmaker Vanessa Fernandes, a visual artist Ivo Reis and team of international dancers, AgitLAB, October 2018, Águeda, Portugal
Photo by Vilija Vitkute
  • dancer in Conserva, directed by Paulina Almeida for Festival MAR, September 2018, Sines, Portugal
Photo by Vitor Seromenho
  • choreography for AMxVV, body painting performance, 25th August 2018, Festival Mėnuo Juodaragis, Lithuania (collaboration with musician Andrius Mamontovas and body painter Vilija Vitkute)
Photo by Mantas Puida
  • artistic direction and choreography for Fluid Acts, performed by Joanna Gruntkowska, Martina Piazzi, Beatriz Madeira and Małgosia Suś, live music by Pedro Pestana, Festival Dos Canais, Aveiro, July 2018
  • choreography for body painting show in AgitAgueda 2018, collaboration with Vilija Vitkute
  • choreography for Patternity, performed by Daniela Coelho and Ulises Marquez, produced by Performact, June 2018, Torres Vedras, Portugal
  • dancer in Lightflow, collaboration with Openfield Creative Lab, May 2018, Albergaria-a-Velha
  • vertical dance performance Memorare, directed by Paulina Almeida, Centro de Artes de Agueda, May 2018
  • artistic direction and choreography for Madpools, IVV, Agueda, April-May 2018
Photo by Vanessa Fernandes

More to upload…

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