Online dance classes

From image to movement, from movement to image.

The online classes were transmitted live on Facebook page between 2nd April and 2nd July 2020.

“Movement is a translation in space. (…) If I consider parts or places abstractly – A and B – I cannot understand the movement which goes from one to the other. But imagine I am starving at A, and at B there is something to eat, what has changed is not only my state, but the state of the whole which encompassed B, A, and all what is between them.”

– Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 1, Movement-Image.


What is the reason for you to move? Which images are motivating you to dance, inspiring new ways of moving your body? If there is no actual aim to displace yourself from point A to point B, you need an image that will make you willing to do that, and this image may also influence the way you do it. The formula of the Movement-Image class can work with many different concepts, from geometrical forms, through elements of Nature, abstract ideas or even emotional states. In the course I propose 8 chapters: 

  1. Geometry: Wave, Circle, Spiral, Triangle, Square, Eight/Infinity, Straight Line, Curve
  2. Plants: Tree, Grass, Rhizome, Bamboo, Flower
  3. Land waters: River, Waterfall, Whirl, Rain, Lake
  4. Ocean: Sea, Underwater, Island, Iceberg, Tsunami
  5. Earth: Mountain, Desert, Stone, Soil, Earthquake
  6. Fire: Flames, Ashes, Smoke, Volcano, Sun
  7. Air: Wind, Fog, Cloud, Bubble, Tornado
  8. Animals: Wolf, Deer, Swan, Crab, Bee

The tasks given to work with the images are different, but there is a common way of approaching them – through concentration on one chosen topic, staying dedicated to it and consequent in your research. Throughout the class you will understand how many possibilities are hidden in each image. The sum up class in the end of each chapter gives the chance to see the overview and play with the huge range of discovered elements. After a few sessions you can already understand how big vocabulary you can build for yourself, and that there are infinite possibilities to inspire yourself, simply choosing a new image and staying with it for a while, until it reveals its potential.

Exemplary classes:

Chapter II: PLANTS – Sum Up Class
Chapter III: LAND WATERS – Waterfall
Chapter IV: OCEAN – Iceberg
Chapter V: EARTH – Stone
Chapter VI: FIRE – Sum Up Class
Chapter VII: AIR – Sum Up Class
Chapter VIII: ANIMALS – Deer

More classes avaialable on Facebook page:

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