“You are a longitude and latitude, a set of speeds and slownesses between unformed particles, a set of nonsubjectified affects. You have the individuality of a day, a season, a year, a life (regardless of its duration)—a climate, a wind, a fog, a swarm, a pack (regardless of its regularity)”

Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus.

Solo works

  • Silence of the Deers – an artist’s voice against hunting; idea, performance and edition by Małgorzata Suś, filmed by P. C., music by Arvo Pärt (2020)
"We have to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves." - Peter Singer, Animal Liberation.
  • BLEND – song by Aldous Harding interpreted by Małgorzata Suś

  • Imagining My Man by Aldous Harding – interpration, dance and edition by Małgorzata Suś (2020)

  • Relvas/ Grass, performed by Małgorzata Suś, filmed by Pablo Koury, edited by Małgorzata Suś, music by Bon Iver. Recorded in Alta Vila, Águeda, Portugal (2019)

“Grass has its line of flight, and does not take root. We have grass in the head, not a tree: what thinking signifies is what the brain is, a particular nervous system of grass. We should try to be a flux, a flux which combines other fluxes. A flux is something intensive, instantaneous, mutant, something between a creation and a destruction.” (Deleuze)

  • Árvores, performed by Małgosia Suś, filmed by David Gama, edited by Małgosia Suś, music by Forest Swords. Video-protest against deforestration. Created with love for the trees in Alta Vila Parque in Agueda, Portugal (2019)

  • La Prima Vez, choreography from the movie PINA interpreted by Małgorzata Suś, Athens, Greece (2019)
  • My True Body, dance: Malgorzata Sus, production: Performact (2017)

  • Call of the Sea, dance: Malgorzata Sus, camera: Lisa Bless, production: Performact (2017)

All photos by Kristina Feldhammer

Dance – collaborations

  • Ilha de Árvores – a short film by Pablo Koury; idea, dance & choreography: Małgorzata Suś and Joanna Gruntkowska; music: Pedro Pestana; production: Festival Dos Canais; Aveiro, July 2021
  • GRAVITY – a short film by Gilbert Nguyen, dance: Małgorzata Suś; Vienna, September 2020
  • Forceful Dandelion – in collaboration with artist Kristina Feldhammer, Vienna (2020)

  • How to Be Revolutionary – in collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Pablo Koury, Portugal (2019)

  • Memory of a Tree, performed by Małgosia Suś, filmed by Michael Higgins, edited by Dasha Ilina, with music by Joshua Legallienne and text by Małgosia Suś. Created in Koumaria Residency 2019.

  • Instant Archive, dance: Małgosia Suś & Marilli Pizarro, music: Eric Lewis & Robert Leszczyński, video edition by Dasha Ilina. Created in the frame of Koumaria Residency 2019.

  • Claw, dance: Malgosia Sus & Anniina Tammi, music: Pedro Pestana, camera: Ruben Carneiro, inspired with Alraune collection by Aleksandra Waliszewska for Wydawnictwo Latające Oko, production: Agit Lab

  • Fluid Acts, performance trailer, idea & choreography: Małgosia Suś, performed by Joanna Gruntkowska, Martina Piazzi, Beatriz Madeira and Małgosia Suś, music by Pedro Pestana, camera: Bernhard Reis, Festival Dos Canais, Aveiro, July 2018

  • MadMudPools, video dance, idea & choreography: Malgosia Sus, camera & direction: Vanessa Fernandes, music: Pedro Pestana, performed by Malgosia Sus, Joanna Chułek, Joanna Gruntkowska, Agata Wiedro, Stanisław Bulder, Alexandre Duarte, Natalia Wilk, production: Agit Lab

  • Lightflow, collaboration with Openfield Creative Lab, performed by Malgosia Sus, set, light & music: Openfield (2018)

  • Six Fantasies of Tereza, direction and choreography: Malgosia Sus, camera: Vanessa Fernandes, performed by Joanna Gruntkowska, Agnieszka Sikorska, Natalia Lis, Grecia Japjeet, Kinga Brzuchacz, Kasia Sypniewska, Zuzanna Matysiewicz, Kamila Zięba, Kamil Baryła (2017)

All photos from the project 30×30 (collaboration with Bernhard Fasching, to be released)


  • Improvisation/ Jungle – recorded in the studio of Rosangela Silvestre, Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

  • Children of Sanchez – improvisation – recorded in May 2020, Vienna

  • Teatro Amazonas – improvisation by Małgorzata Suś during the rehearsals period before the performance Fortitude in Manaus, Brazil, February 2020

All photos by Sofia Pereira

Company works

  • Memórias de Pedra, chor. Paulo Ribeiro, dance: Sara Garcia, Joana Lopes, Guilherme Leal, Ana Moreno, Romulus Neagu, Rafael Oliveira, Malgorzata Sus; premiere: April 2019, Teatro Viriato, Viseu, Portugal

  • Todos, Alguém Qualquer Um, Ninguém, concept & direction: Luiz Antunes, choreographic direction: São Castro and António M Cabrita, dance: Guilherme Leal, Joana Lopes, Ricardo Machado, Ana Moreno, Rafael Oliveira, Malgorzata Sus

Other performative works

  • Hidden Circles (teaser) – collaboration with visual artists and filmmakers Vanessa Fernandes and Ivo Reis (authors of the project Espectro Visivel), and performer Paulina Almeida. Human behaviour derives from intentions and echoes consequences of actions in entropy. These being spontaneous, follow principles of nature becoming irreversible.

  • Body Elements – created by PoPo Company (Natalia Lis, Andre Estrela, Bernardo Santo Tirso Ribeiro and Malgorzata Sus) for Waking Life Festival (2020). Project focuses on 4 different natural powers that manifest themselves in the world and within the human body – Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Through a series of virtual meetings, four artists were discussing movement, visual and sound ideas inspired by the elements. Through an online platform they exchanged video and audio files that documented movement exploration, texts and music that were created during the process.
    The project was focused on capturing elements of the body, filmed in close perspective, in relation with the elements of Nature.

  • Granted the Right to Be Granted – created in the frame of Koumaria Residency 2019. Idea by Tunni Kraus, with participation of Jordan Egde, Joshua Legallienne, Nour Sokhon, Eric Lewis. Filmed by Michael Higgins (2019)

  • Wind Piece, a single-object performance by Joshua Legallienne – with participation of Jordan Edge, Nour Sokhon, Marilli Pizzaro and Malgorzata Sus. Performative action documented in the frame of Koumaria Residency 2019, Greece.

  • Undulation – a performative work that took place at the Πίστα (dance floor) of an old tavern in the Sellasia village during the 2019 Koumaria Residency. The work is the result of inter-disciplinary collaboration between four residents Joshua Legallienne, Jordan Edge, Nour Sokhon and Malgorzata Sus – combining a fixed four-channel audio installation, mobile sound system, movement, stage props, costume and a performative narrative.

  • Documentation of the preparation process of the performance Undulation, Koumaria Residency 2019

  • Cura, art documentary, camera& direction: Vanessa Fernandes and Ivo Reis, performed by Malgosia Sus and Bruna Martins, with participation of Padre Fontes

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